PT 60
Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Three

August-October 1942
Lt(jg) John M. Searles
Boat Captain
Ens. Stanley C. Thomas
Executive Officer
TM1/c William F. Uhl
RM1/c Lester A. Piper
GM3/c Cletus E. Osborne
SC1/c N.F. Carideo
Ship's Cook
CMM H.M. Ramsdell
MoMM2/c D.H. Parker
MoMM2/c G.W. Ebersberger
QM2/c H.C. Johnson

27 Aug., 42
Hoisted aboard USS Tappahannock.
29 Aug.
Underway for Noumea
18 Sept.
Arrived in Noumea
28 Sept.
Placed in water.
7 Oct.
Underway for Espiritu Santo under tow of USS Jamestown with PT 48.
10 Oct.
0630 hrs. Arrived Espiritu Santo. 1315 hrs. Underway for Tulagi under tow of USS Southard.
12 Oct.
Arrived at Sesapi, Tulagi.
14 Oct.
0300 hrs. attacked Japanese bombardment force. Fired two torpedoes, scored two hits. Laid smoke and retired after being chased by two Japanese DD's firing five-inch shells. Discouraged pursuit by dropping two depth charges and the smoke generator. Lay to at Tanavilla Point, southeast of Sandfly Passage close to beach, Japanese DD waiting for boat's appearance. Ran aground on coral reef. Towed off reef by YP 239.
15 Oct-Feb., 43
Moored at Sesapi.
PT 60 would not see action for the rest of the Guadalcanal campaign due to the extensive damage to its hull from being grounded on the reef. The boat would not be repaired and ready for patrols until May of 1943.

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