Elco Naval Division

The launching of PT 131 at the Elco Naval Division's Bayonne boatyard, August 22, 1942. (Elecric Boat Company)

The photos below and on the next few pages were taken at the Elco boatyard in 1940-41, showing 70 and 77-foot PT's and PTC's in various stages of construction.

(All photos courtesy of Mr. Frank Andruss, PT Boats, Inc., and the National Archives.)

(Above and below) Tooling up in the Elco factory's early days--brand new machinery and a lot of open space; hull jigs (for proper alignment of frames and bulkheads) can be seen on the floor. A few 70-foot boat hull frames can also be seen.

70-footer production underway: in the background, the keel (hanging from the ceiling) is about to be joined to the hull frames, while in the foreground, cabin frames are beginning to take shape.

(Above and below) 70-foot hull assembly

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