PT Boat Books
This is not meant to be a complete list of all books related to PT boats
and coastal craft . . . just a compilation of books currently in my collection.

Chun, Victor. American PT Boats in WWII

Bukleley, Capt. Robert J., USNR. At Close Quarters--PT Boats in the United States Navy

Scott, Lt. Cdr. Peter, RNVR. Battle of the Narrow Seas

Cooper, Bryan. Battle of the Torpedo Boats
PT Boats

Vetter, Lt. Cdr. Ernest G.,USNR. Death Was Our Escort

Breuer, William. Devil Boats; The PT War Against Japan

Beaver, Paul and Patrick Stephens. E-Boats and Coastal Craft

Ross, Al, and Bob Ferrell. Early Elco PT Boats

The Electric Boat Co. Elco PTs in Action

Higgins Industries, Inc. The Eureka News Bulletin, 1942-1943

Lambert, John. The Fairmile `D` Motor Torpedo Boat

Fock, Harald. Fast Fighting Boats

Nelson, Curtis L. Hunters in the Shallows

Wiper, Steve. Kriegmarine Schnellboote

Cave, Hugh B. Long Were The Nights

Keating, Bern. The Mosquito Fleet

Rappleya, George W. Navigational Wrinkles For Combat Motor Boats

Dickens, Capt. Peter G. C., RN. Night Action: MTB Flotilla at War

Connelly, T. Garth. PT Boats in Action
& Vosper Motor Torpedo Boats in Action

Keresey, Dick. PT 105
Donovan, Robert J. PT 109--John F.Kennedy in WWII

Lent, Henry B. PT Boat

Hoagland, Lt. Cdr. Edgar D., USNR. The Sea Hawks

Searles, Cdr. John M., USNR. Tales of Tulagi

White, William L. They Were Expendable

Ferrell, Bob. The United States Mosquito Fleet

Johnson, Frank D. United States PT Boats of WWII

Lawrence, Hal. Victory at Sea: Tales of His Majesty`s Coastal Forces


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