The Packard
Marine Engine School

The students of Class USN 10-11 listen attentively as their instructor explains the finer points of a Packard 4M-2500 twelve-cylinder marine engine.

In the early days of the PT program, before the creation of the MTB Training Center at Melville, the Navy sent groups of officers and men to the Packard Marine Engine School in Detroit, Michigan for familiarization training on the twelve-cylinder Packard 4M-2500 engine. Even with the establishment of Training Center in April 1942, PT men were still sent to the Packard School, until Melville's facilites could be better developed. On this and the next page are photos of the students of a few of the school's earlier classes.

(All photographs courtesy of PT Boats, Inc.)

Class USN-10-11, April-May 1941. Front row, l-r: James A. McEvoy, James Carlisle, CMM Elkins Grove, H.R. "Jimmy" James, William J. Winter.

Center row, l-r: E. W. Kelly, Hollis Crisp, Glen Caress, Norwood L. "Jim" McGill, John Barr, H.W. "Gus" Grizzard, George Capps.

Back row, l-r: Edward P. Byrne, A. M. Prather, Kenneth Wade, L.G. "Red" Richars, Ray Lowell, Charles "Tubby" Kiefer, Clarence Kimbrell, Harold Bowie, CMM Arthur Stuffert.

Instructors, at rear, left, unknown; center, Norm Goetch; right, F. A. Kummer.

Class USN-13, June, 1941. Front row, l-r: Ens. Anthony B. Akers, Ens. A. H. Bryant, Ens. John H. Claggett, Ens. George E. Cox, Ens. R.R. Dupzyk, Ens. E.M. Erikson, Ens. J.W. Ewell.

Second row, l-r: Ens. Clark W. Faulkner, Ens. Harold D. Howes, Ens. G.A. Matteson, Ens. H.T. Merritt, Ens. Arthur M. Preston, Ens. Paul T. Rennell.

Back Row, l-r: Ens. Jonathan F. Rice, Ens. C.G. Spoerer, Ens. Henry M.S. Swift, Ens. Henry S. Taylor, Ens. James R. Thompson, Ens. Bruce P. Van Buskirk, Ens. Robert A. Williamson.

Class USN-15, July-August 1941. Front row, l-r: Lt. j/g R. C. Houston, Lt. j/g Edward G. DeLong, Ens. Leonard D. Hardy.

Center row, l-r: L.G. Conn F1/c, J. Lawless F1/c, H.E. Featherling MM1/c, T.L. Morgan MM3/c

Back row, l-r: R.L. Hubbard MM2/c, W.W. Peterson MM1/c, W.L. Turner F1/c

Class USN-17, September-October 1941. Front row, l-r: C.S. Burke, Charles R. Carner, J.L. Jeans, J.P. Kane, E.G. Lambert.

Center row, l-r: D.D. League, R.H. Long, A.D. Miner, L.F. Mohr, C.A. Posey.

Back row, l-r: T.R. Ratcliff, W. Runyon, G.A. Stoliff, F.W. Thompson, Stephen Yando.

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