Miscellaneous Views

New Guinea, 1943; heading out on patrol. (National Archives)

Officers of MTB division 23, New Guinea, 1943. In the center of the first row is division CO Lt. Pat Munroe USNR (wearing sunglasses). Lt. William E. Stedman USNR of PT 147 is sitting on depth charge. To the right of Stedman is Lt. Don McGill.

A Higgins PT drops a depth charge during a training exercise, 1944. (Author's collection via Randy Finfrock)

An unknown PT is rearmed with a torpedo at the Field Torpedo Unit at Mios Woendi, 1944 or '45 (PT Boats, Inc.)

A 77-foot Elco is high and dry in the drydock at Funafuti in the Ellice Islands. Two other PT's are tied up alongside. (National Archives)

USS Hilo and her PT's, New Guinea, 1943.

USS Jamestown at the New York Navy Yard, October 11, 1941. PT37 is in the lower right and PT 39 alongside Jamestown.(National Archives)

This is a stern view of PT 50, in the guise of MTB 308. PT 50 was one of ten (PT 49 through 58) Elco 77-footers that were transferred to Britain as MTB's (MTB 307-316) in February 1942. The boat was lost during Operation Agreement, a raid on German-held Tobruk, Libya in September 1942.

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