PT 48
Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Three

August 1942-February 1943
Lt(jg) Robert C. Wark
Boat Captain
Lt(jg) Thomas E. Kendall
Executive Officer (later Boat Captain)
TM1/c Elvie J. O'Daniel
QM1/c Ralph H. Crumpton
RM1/c Woodrow W. Cavanah
GM3/c R.H. Blackwood
CMM O. Cline
MM1/c W.C. Nelson
SC1/c Carl E. Todd
Ship's Cook
MM1/c R.H. Long

27 Aug., 42
Hoisted aboard USS Tappahannock. Underway for Noumea.
19 Sept.
Arrived Noumea.
27 Sept.
6 Oct.
Underway for Espiritu, towed by USS Jamestown.
10 Oct.
0720 hrs. Arrived at Espiritu 1540 hrs. Departed in tow of USS Southard
12 Oct.
Arrived Tulagi
14 Oct.
Engaged enemy shelling Guadalcanal. Illuminated by Japanese destroyer searchlight. Fired 300 rounds of .50 caliber ammunition at Japanese DD, destroying searchlight.
19 Oct.
Patrol-no contact.
23 Oct.
Patrol-no contact.
25 Oct.
Patrol-no contact.
28 Oct.
Patrol-no contact.
29 Oct.
Patrol-fired three torpedoes.
31 Oct-2 Nov.
Patrol-no contact.
4-5 Nov.
Patrol with PT's 39 and 61.
6 Nov.
Patrol-fired 4 torpedoes at Japanese DD or CA. Observed 2 explosions.
7 Nov.
Fired at by and fired upon Japanese submarine. No hits either side.
9 Nov.
0050 hrs.Patrol-no contact 1850 hrs.Underway for patrol-no contact
10 Nov.
Patrol-fired several hundred rounds of .50 caliber at Japanese warships. No casualties.
11 Nov.
Patrol-no contact.
12 Nov.
Patrol-struck object in water causing vibration in port side.
13 Nov.
Patrol-fired two torpedoes, no hits.
15-27 Nov.
Patrol-no contact.
29 Nov.
Patrol-no contact.
6 Dec.
Patrol-submarine contact, 2 torpedoes, 1 explosion.
7 Dec.
Patrol, scouting group, Lt. Robert L. Searles at conn. Engines died, retired under smoke laid by this boat and PT 40.
8 Dec.
Pulled off beach by PT 109.
10 Dec.
Patrol-no contact.
14-15 Dec.
Patrol-no contact.
18-19 Dec.
Patrol-no contact.
22-26 Dec.
27-28 Dec.
Patrol-no contact.
31 Dec.
Patrol-no contact.
1-4 Jan., 43
Patrol-no contact.
5 Jan.
Patrol-fired 300 rounds of .50 caliber ammunition. No injuries.
9-11 Jan.
Patrol-no contact.
12-14 Jan.
Drydocked, patrol the night of the 14th (2130 hrs.)
15 Jan.
Patrol-no contact.
17 Jan
Patrol-no contact.
19 Jan.
Patrol-no contact.
25 Jan.
Patrol-no contact.
28-30 Jan.
Patrol-no contact.
1 Feb.
Patrol-Lt. Lester H.Gamble at conn. Plane dropped bomb 200 yards to port. No damage. 2235 hrs. Sighted enemy warships. Fired four torpedoes, retired, made smoke, beached boat, abandoned ship.

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