PT 47
Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Two

October 1942-February 1943
Lt.(jg) Mark E. Wertz
Boat Captain
Ens. Lemuel Skidmore, Jr.
Executive Officer
GM1/c G.F. Sens
MM1/c E.G. Lambert
TM2/c J.D. Miles
QM2/c W.B. Spillman
MoMM2/c Griffin
RM2/c B.R. Tatroe
MoMM2/c C. Hamilton
F1/c Doehne

8 Oct. 42
Boat hoisted aboard SS Robin Wently.
11 Nov.
Arrived at Noumea.
15 Nov.
Underway for Espiritu Santo, towed by USS Trevor.
17 Nov.
Arrived Espiritu.
18 Nov.
Departed for Tulagi, towed by USS Trevor, along with PT 40.
20 Nov.
Arrived Tulagi, patrol that night. Started run on unidentified ships. Ran aground. Base reported them as friendlies
9 Dec.
Transferred torpedoes to PT 45.
15-21 Dec.
11 Jan. 43
Patrol-picked up and destroyed Japanese supplies off Guadalcanal. Received light machine gun fire from shore--returned fire.
14 Jan.
Patrol-sighted enemy ships, lost contact due to bad visibility.
18-21 Jan.
Patrol-no contact.
1 Feb.
Patrol-enemy ship 4 miles E. of Savo Is. fired several salvos at 800 this boat. Ran behind smoke, lost contact. Flare dropped astern of this boat. Aircraft unidentified, no strafing. Picked up two MTB survivors, Bennett and Kinlaw of PT 111
2 Feb.
0750 hrs. Took PT 48 in tow astern. Retrieved unidentified corpse from PT 110.

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