PT 39
Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Three

Ens. James B. Greene
Boat Captain
Ens. William J. Ryan
Executive Officer (10 Aug-20 Oct. 1942)
Ens. Jacob F. Kearney
Executive Officer (20 Oct. 42-19 Jan. 43)
TM1/c Benjamin F. Goddard
QM1/c Lee A. Bagby
MM1/c A.J. Mazur
MM1/c T.B. Stevens
MM2/c T.R. Ratcliff
RM3/c George W. Gilpin
TM3/c E.P. Stayonovich
SC3/c Frank O'Malley
Ship's Cook

12 Sept. 1942
Hoisted aboard SS Joseph Stanton.
14 Sept.
17 Oct.
Arrived Noumea, lowered into water.
20 Oct.
Underway for Espiritu w/ PT's 37, 45, 61, USS Trevor and USS Zane. 0800 hrs. Picked up tow from USS Zane.
22 Oct.
Arrived at Espiritu.
23 Oct.
Enroute to Florida Island in company of PT's and USS Trevor
25 Oct.
0600 hrs. Arrived at Tulagi.
27 Oct.
Patrol with PT's 46 and 48. Lt. Hugh Robinson USN aboard as Senior Officer.
28 Oct.
Bent two props on coral during patrol.
29 Oct.
Replaced props.
30 Oct.
Patrol-bent port screw.
3 Nov.
Patrol with PT's 38, 45, and 61. No contact
4 Nov.
Patrol with PT's 48 and 61. No contact.
5 Nov.
Patrol-sighted enemy vessel, fired one torpedo - results undetermined.
6 Nov.
Patrol-no contact.
7 Nov.
Patrol-no contact.
8 Nov.
Patrol with PT's 37 and 61. Sighted enemy destroyer, fired two torpedoes. Engaged with gunfire, retired behind smoke.
9-12 Nov.
Patrol-no contact.
13 Nov.
Patrol-enemy contact, DD 2 mi. off Florida Island. Sighted second enemy DD astern of first. Fired four torpedoes at 2000 yards. Returned to base.
14-19 Nov.
No contact. Ran aground 0025hrs. on 19 Nov.
20 Nov-13 Dec.
Laid up.
13 Dec.
Entered drydock
14-16 Dec.
19 Dec.
Patrol-no contact
20-21 Dec.
23 Dec.
24-27 Dec.
2 Jan. 43
Patrol with PT's 59 and 40. Observed two bombs off Cape Esperance. Sighted destroyer, fired a spread of four torpedoes-results undetermined.
7 Jan.
Patrolling with PT 112. No contact.
9 Jan.
Patrol-No contact.
10 Jan.
Patrol, enemy contact. Fired four torpedoes, picked up four men of PT 112 crew.
11 Jan.
Patrol-no contact.
14 Jan.
Patrol-fired upon by enemy destroyers, ran aground on south tip of Savo Island. Backed off with minor damage.
19 Jan.
Ens. Ryan relieved Ens. Kearney as exec.
25-26 Jan.
Patrol-no contact.
28 Jan.
Patrol-no contact.
29 Jan.
Patrol-observed gunfire and flame.
31 Jan.
Patrol-no contact.
1 Feb.
Patrol-no contact. Picked up survivors Blake and Ens. B.J. Connolly USN, PT 115. (PT 115 aground off Savo Island.)

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