PT 36
Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Two

October/December 1942
Lt. j/g Marvin G. Pettit
Boat Captain
Ens. James J. Kelly
Executive Officer
QM2/c L.A. Veal
GM3/c J. K. Schofield
MM1/c L. F. Mohr
SC2/c R.G. Fresh
Ship's Cook
S1/c S. B. Binnix
Deck Force
RM2/c J. M. Hammond
MoMM/1/c A. Neigel
- -
SC1/c H.W. Green
- -
OC3/c W. Espritt
- -
TM3/c M.C. Hairston
F1/c C. D. Wilford
MM2/c I. E. Coufal
RM2/c B. Fleischman

9 Oct.
Loaded aboard SS Robin Wently.
11 Nov.
Arrived in Noumea, New Caledonia.
13 Nov.
Unloaded from Robin Wently.
14 Nov.
Made ready for sea.
15 Nov.
Underway for Espiritu Santo as part of Task Unit 62.5.7 in tow of USS Zane.
17 Nov.
Fuel expended--taken in tow by PT 44. 2230 hrs. Arrived at Espiritu Santo (Button). 2230 hrs. Laid across bow of barge being towed by merchantman. No material damage.
18 Nov.
Made ready for sea--taken in tow by USS Zane, underway for Tulagi Island (Ringbolt).
19 Nov.
2300 hrs. Dropped from tow. On General Quarters due to reports of enemy activity.
20 Nov.
0300 hrs. Secured from GQ. 0800 hrs. Arrived in Tulagi Harbor 1800 hrs. Patrolling the Savo Island-Cape Esperance area. Lt. Rollin E. Westholm USN (Commander MTB Squadron 2) aboard as Officer-in-Tactical Command
22 Nov.
Patrol, Savo-Esperance. Lt.(jg) Mark E. Wertz OTC. No contact.
23 Nov.
Patrol, Savo-Esperance. Lt. Westholm OTC. No contact.
24 Nov.
Patrol, Savo-Esperance. Lt(jg) Wertz OTC. No contact
25 Nov.
Patrol, Savo-Esperance. Lt. Hugh M. Robinson USN (Commander MTB Squadron 3) OTC. No contact.
27-28 Nov.
Patrol-no contact.
30 Nov.
Patrol-no contact.
1-6 Dec.
Patrol-no action.
7 Dec.
Fired four torpedoes at Japanese DD--believed sunk.
8 Dec.
No action.
11-17 Dec.
No action.
18 Dec.
Savo-Esperance patrol, Lt.(jg) Leonard A. Nikoloric OTC
19 Dec.
Patrol-no action.
20-21 Dec.
22 Dec.
Patrol-Savo Island-Sandfly Passage area. Lt. Robinson OTC
23-28 Dec.
Moored at Government Landing as member of strike force, no action
29 Dec.
2130 hrs, patrolling Savo-Esperance area. 2345 hrs, fired four torpedoes at a column of Japanese DD's--results unobserved.
30 Dec.
In port, member of striking force. No action.
31 Dec.
Patrol, Savo-Esperance. No action.

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