PT 115
Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Six

November 1942-February 1943
Ens. Bartholomew J. Connolly III
Boat Captain
Ens. George H. Brooks
Executive Officer
GM2/c Harry N. Miller, Jr
TM2/c Richard V. Chase
RM2/c Eric A.H. Hoffman
MoMM2/c William F. Shugart
MoMM2/c Charles W. Jump
MoMM2/c Sydney G. Auster
GM3/c Bernard J. Larkin
QM2/c Arthur W. Zack
S1/c L.E. Tellifson
Deck Force
MoMM2/c Joseph P. Pacel
SC2/c John J. Genchi
Ship's Cook

10 Nov. 42
Ens. Connolly USN takes command of boat, relieving Lt. Charles G. Spoener. Boat hoisted aboard USS Monongahela.
11 Nov.
Underway for Noumea.
1 Dec.
Arrived at Noumea.
3 Dec.
23 Dec.
Underway for "Roses", Efate Island
24 Dec.
Arrived Efate Island
26 Dec.
1030 hrs. Underway for Espiritu Santo. 1730 hrs. Arrived at Espiritu Santo
29 Dec.
Underway in company with USS Hovey and PT's 111, 112, 116, 123, and 124 enroute to Star Harbor, San Cristobal.
30 Dec.
1330 hrs. Arrived at Star Harbor. 2215 hrs. Underway for Tulagi
31 Dec.
1300 hrs. Arrived at Tulagi
3 Jan., 43
Patrol-no contact.
5 Jan
Patrol with 123 crew aboard. No contact.
6 Jan
Patrol-engines break down, taken in tow by PT 59 0400 hrs. 7 Jan.
10 Jan.
Patrol-enemy ships expected at 2400 hrs. Strike forces met the enemy off Cape Esperance and close aboard Savo Island. Heavy gunfire visiblex results unknown. Sighted bow of PT 112, crew already picked up. Strafed food supplies floating off Cape Esperance in the Visale area.
11 Jan.
0600 hrs. Sighted PT 43 on Guadalcanal coast above Aruligo in Japanese zone. Apporoached to check extent of damage and rescue survivors. Strafed by Japanese machine guns. Boat made two strafing runs on the beach. One man (MoMM2/c Charles W. Jump) wounded in the abdomen.
13 Jan.
Patrol-PT 112 crew running the boat.
14 Jan.
Patrol-launched four torpedoes at Japanese destroyer after tracking it two miles. Hits observed by members of crew.
15 Jan.
Patrol. PT 112 crew aboard. No contact.
16 Jan.
Patrol-no contact.
18 Jan.
Patrol-no contact.
20 Jan.
Patrol-no contact.
22 Jan.
Patrol-PT 109 crew aboard. No contact.
23 Jan.
Patrol-no contact.
27 Jan.
0420 hrs. Air raid alarm. Underway to bushes. 1930 hrs. Patrol, PT 123 crew aboard. No contact.
28 Jan.
Patrol-no contact.
30 Jan.
Patrol. Corvettes shelled landing barges west of Esperance near Visale. Attempted to locate barges with aid of star shells fired by HMNZS Moa with negative results.
1 Feb.
Patrol. Bombed by Japanese planes. Separated from PT 59 but proceeded to patrol station in company with PT 37. Fired two torpedoes, two hits observed. Contacted three more Japanese destroyers two miles west of Visale and launched two remaining torpedoes. Results unobserved due to heavy shellfire. Proceeded east to Cape Esperance at full speed. Smoke generator failed to operate. Sighted three more enemy ships and headed for Savo Island. Picked up by Japanese DD on the bows and was heavily fired on for ten minutes. Ran aground on Savo, abandoned ship. Damage to starboard side below galley, shafts, struts, wheels, all bent. Towed off by PT 109. Picked up three survivors of PT 111. Injuries treated aboard.

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