PT 110
Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Two

October 1942-February 1943
Lt. (jg) Charles E. Tilden
Boat Captain
Ens. John C. Duckworth, Jr.
Executive Officer
MoMM1/c C.S. Burke
TM3/c George D. Hartz
TM3/c Claude R. Dollar
GM3/c A.C. Beatty
QM3/c G.C. Ellsworth
SC3/c W.S. Jackson, Jr.
Ship's Cook
S1/c W.H. McMillan
Deck Force
F1/c Lawrence D. Mercer
F1/c Ray F. Lindberg
RM3/c G.A. Lewis
RM3/c F.A. Sampson

10 Oct. 42
Hoisted aboard SS Roger Williams (Liberty ship).
14 Oct.
Underway for Noumea in convoy with SS Kenmore, SS Fair Isle, SS Robin Wently, and USS Warrington (DD-convoy escort).
9 Nov.
SS Roger Williams had engine casualty during the night, lost convoy. Caught up during the day.
10 Nov.
Aboard the Roger Williams, at sea. 1900 hrs. SS Robin Wently fired a shot with 5” gun at object in water. A second destroyer (USS Anderson) joined the convoy.
11 Nov.
1015 hrs. Arrived in Noumea.
15 Nov.
PT 43 and PT 59 placed in water today.
17 Nov.
PT 110 placed in water.
20 Nov.
Underway for Espiritu Santo. Boat suffers slight collision with PT 59, one torpedo tube dented. Under tow of USS Manley, PT 59 on the starboard quarter and PT 110 on port quarter.
25 Nov.
1500 hrs. Lying to off Lunga Point, Guadalcanal attempting to repair rudder damage suffered with PT 59. 1755 hrs. Arrived Tulagi
30 Nov.
Officially placed out of commission due to damage.
30 Dec.
1 Jan. 1943
Out of drydock
4 Jan.
Back in drydock--out at 1600 hrs.
11 Jan.
Lost in action three men of former crew of PT 110 while patrolling in PT 43, Mercer, MoMM2/c, Lindberg, MoMM2/c, and Hartz, TM2/c.
18 Jan.
0800 hrs. The former crew of PT 112 became the permanent crew of PT 110: Lt. (jg) B.F. McMahan, Jr. Ens. George Wright, MoMM1/c J.P. Kane, SC1/c M.M. Plummer TM2/c T.H. McCormick, QM2/c H.J. Ferwerda, RM2/c J.E. Topliffe, MoMM2/c J.R. Mann, MoMM2/c J.B. Burchheit, GM3/c E.O. Barfknecht.
21 Jan.
Patrol-no contact.
25 Jan.
Patrol-no contact.
26 Jan.
Patrolling with PT 109 crew aboard-no contact.
30 Jan.
Drydocked-damaged wheels. Out of drydock later in the day.
2 Feb.
0715 hrs. Searching for survivors.
0835 hrs. Found one dead body, identity unknown.

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