PT Personalities

The crew of PT 39, Balboa, Canal Zone, sometime in early 1942. Back row, l-r: Tom Ratcliff, "G.R." Stark, Neal Watkins, Sam Hoover, unidentified Packard employee, Tom Watkins. Front row, Lee A. Bagby, Jack Felton, Craig Smith, "Doc" Hennessy, Andy Mazur. (Lee A. Bagby via PT Boats, Inc.)

The crew of PT 39, August 1943. Back row, l-r: Ens. Joseph G. Atkinson, Ens. Norbert G. Hartman. Front row, l-r: M.L. Wilcox, W.R. Middick, Mitternight, Hiles, G.M. Brannan, R.C. Redburn, R.W. Snouff, R.F. Gagner. (PT Boats, Inc.)

Clowning with the USO. Foreground, l-r: Kenneth Prescott and Joseph Kernell. Middle row: unidentified USO performer and Jim Burke. Back row, l-r: unidentified escort and Alfred Snowball. At this time, Snowball was skipper of PT 48. (PT Boats, Inc.)

Above: Crew of PT 129, New Guinea, 1943. Lt. Ted Meredith at far left. (PT Boats, Inc.)

Below, left photo: some of the crew of USS Hilo, New Guinea, 1943. Back row, l-r: George Manerbino, William Zwieg, unknown, Massagli, Brown, Smith, McMichael, Watson H. Dee, Coveney. Front row, l-r, Dallas, Farrar, McVicker (holding feline mascot, Herman), and Sturgeon. (William Zwieg via PT Boats, Inc.) Right photo, left, Lt. Clark W. Faulkner and right, Lt. S. S. Savage (Squadron Three intelligence officer) on the foredeck of USS Jamestown, early 1943.(PT Boats, Inc.)

April, 1941. Class USN 10-11 at the Packard Marine Engine School. Students listen attentively as an instructor explains the finer points of a Packard 4M twelve-cylinder. (PT Boats Inc.)

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