Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Five
July-September 1942

A few of Squadron Five's officers aboard SS Joseph Stanton during the voyage to Panama. L-r: Ens. Raymond Burnham, Lt. Henry Montgomery, Ens. Sidney D. Hix, Ens. Joseph K. Roberts, Ens. John D. Chester, and Ens. Bryant L. Larson. The lieutenant was a Hollywood actor before the war, better known by his stage name--Robert Montgomery. Of the officers pictured here, two--Ensign Hix and Ensign Chester--would later be killed in action in the Solomons.

September, 1942--Squadron Five is now in Panama, but has been reduced by six boats; PT's 109 to 114 have been transferred to Squadron Two and are now on their way to the South Pacific combat zone. The remaining boats, PT's 103 to 108, will remain in Panama as the Canal Zone's PT squadron-in-residence, and for additional training. Part of that training was a 1,800 mile round trip to the Galagapos Islands, accompanied by seaplane tender USS Pocomoke. Here are two views of Dick Keresey's PT 105 and Sidney Hix's PT 108 refueling from Pocomoke during the voyage.

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