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These are images of some of the models I've built over the years.
PT 41--1/32nd scale, scratchbuilt from Al Ross II's plans. Built in September 1991-April 1992, this was my second scrachbuilt PT. It is RC-operational, but is also the slowest boat I techniques and materials used to build the model have rendered it somewhat overweight...oops. The Lewis guns (one is missing) were modified from Airfix and Tamiya infantry weapons. The .50 caliber guns were from a 1/24th scale Spitfire (Airfix). Deck fittings came from Lindberg's 1/32 and 1/64th scale PT boats, and the torpedo tubes were scratchbuilt from brass tube. Torpedo warheads came from cut-off plastic test-tubes for alcoholic drinks that were popular for some time in certain drinking establishments. Crew is, as usual a mixture of Airfix, Lindberg, and Verlinden figures.

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