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Page 2 - ELCO 80' Model

These are images of some of the models I've built over the years.
PT 114, 1/32nd scale--modified slightly from the ubitquious Lindberg PT 109. RC operational, a good performer, this boat took some serious damage on her last sortie. There was a 37mm and another 20mm on her bow, but those had  broken well as the depression rails on the forward .50 caliber turret! I do plan to fix all of that sometime...and I may retrofit the boat back to the way I originally built it, which was the early war configuration with torpedo tubes, no radar, and the 20mm on the fantail. The hull and deck came from the kit--deckhouses were scratchbuilt. The bow was also modified--the original kit bow has sort of an "S" curve that the real boats did not have. Turrets were modified kit items. Guns were scrounged from Tamiya tank kits, and crew on deck are mostly modified Airfix multi-pose figures (as are all the crews of my 1/32nd scale boats). 

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