PT 45
Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Three

September 1942-January 1943
Lt. (jg) Lester H. Gamble
Boat Captain
Ens. Sidney Rabekoff
Executive Officer
CQM Clarence Schrock
SC1/c L.V. Hummer
Shipxs Cook
TM1/c S.J. Lott
GM2/c Roy L. Beckers
MM1/c C.P. Johnson
MoMM2/c H.C. Gilgore
MM1/c R.E. Anderson
MM2/c R.J. Dibling
RM2/c J.E. Rolfing
S1/c R.P. Collins
Deck Force

13 Sept. 1942
Hoisted and secured aboard SS Joseph Stanton
14 Sept.
17 Oct.
Arrived Noumea, New Caledonia, boat lowered into water.
20 Oct.
Underway for Espiritu with PT's 37, 39, 61, USS Trevor and USS Zane.
22 Oct.
Arrived at Espiritu.
23 Oct.
Enroute to Florida Island in company of PT's and USS Trevor.
25 Oct.
0600 hrs. Arrived at Tulagi. Patrol that night, no contact.
26 Oct.
0645 hrs. Ran aground entering harbor.
29-30 Oct.
Patrol, no contact.
1-3 Nov.
Patrol, no contact.
7-9 Nov.
Patrol, no contact.
10 Nov.
Patrol-sighted enemy ship of Cape Esperance. Fired two aft torpedoes, scored one possible hit. Retired behind smoke.
11 Nov.
Patrol-no contact.
12 Nov.
Patrol-sighted enemy but lost due to rain squalls. Observing naval battle between US task force and enemy.
13 Nov.
Patrol-sighted enemy ships, fired two torpedoes, observed two explosions, results undetermined.
14 Nov.
Patrol-no contact.
8 Dec.
Patrol-no contact
11 Dec.
Patrol-fired four torpedoes at enemy DDxs. Observed two explosions and a lot of flame. (Later determined that IJN destroyer Terutsuki was sunk by the PT's.)
12 Dec.
Patrol-no contact.
17-18 Dec.
Patrol-no contact.
24 Dec.
Patrol, with PT 40. Mistakenly fired upon and bombed (near misses) by three US dive-bombers. Two men wounded.
25-28 Dec.
Patrol-no contact.
31 Dec.
Patrol-no contact.
2 Jan. 43
Patrol-sighted enemy destroyers, illuminated by DD searchlight. Opened fire with .50 caliber machine-guns, shot out searchlight. Fired two after torpedoes, observed explosion, returned to base.
3 Jan.
Entered drydock.
8 Jan.
Left drydock--out of commission.

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